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Dianabol or methandienone and sold under various other names is an androsterone-androgenic steroid drug that is popularly used for the enhancement of muscle mass and power during bodybuilding. It is often prescribed for younger men who want to increase their muscle mass by taking a short break from testosterone replacement therapy.

Dianabol promises significant increases in muscle size and strength within a short span of time. It is a strong anabolic and steroid for bodybuilding purposes. And like all steroids, there are serious side effects associated with long-term use.


The major effect of Dianabol is an increase in lean muscle mass that is retained throughout the recovery phase. Muscle retention is the process wherein the muscle cells are sustained in anabolism or in a catabolic state, which leads to a reduction in the total protein content in the muscle and a subsequent increase in amino acid retention.

Dianabol had been originally introduced to the world by a famous South African champion weight lifter who was trying to find ways to increase his strength and size without much research or additional training. He had discovered the anabolic properties of Dianabol and decided to share his discovery with the world. Since then there have been many athletes using Dianabol to help them achieve their goals without much research.

These products have been clinically proven to be effective, however, you will still want to do some research on the product to make sure you don’t put your health at any risk. Check with your doctor and a nutritionist to make sure the product is right for you.

How Does Dianabol Work?

Dianabol is a potent muscle-building hormone supplement that was originally designed for professional bodybuilders. But with the recent popularity of this product, it has been introduced to the public and is gaining in popularity as an all-natural, safe supplement that can help men build muscle and reduce fat.

The original Dianabol formula is comprised of four major compounds: anabolic steroids (like Dianabol), carnitine, testosterone-histamine, and precursors. Based on anecdotal evidence, you can safely gain up to 10lbs within 8 weeks of regularly taking these products.

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Dianabol is said to cause fat loss, increases lean muscle mass, builds high endurance, and improves thyroid function. However, there are many bodybuilders who claim that this product does not work as advertised. Before you begin taking any supplements, whether they are natural or chemical, it is important to talk to your doctor and an experienced bodybuilding nutritionist to find out if they are a suitable solution for you.

Benefits Of Dianabol

There has been a lot of hype regarding the benefits of Dianabol lately, and many people are asking if this new weight loss supplement really works. Many users of this product have claimed that it was their miracle diet pill because of the benefits that they saw after starting to take it.

Benefits Of Dianabol

The truth is that Dianabol may be able to produce the results that people are saying it can produce, but it also has some pretty scary side effects. Here is a closer look at the benefits of Dianabol, so you can make an informed decision if you are thinking of taking it.

One of the things that most people notice about Dianabol is that it produces fast gains in muscle mass. This is something that is great for someone looking for a quick fix to gain size and gain weight.

It also tends to help people who are trying to reach their goal for strength or muscle mass. This substance does work by increasing the body’s ability to gain lean muscle mass, but there are some serious side effects that can happen if a person takes too much of it.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Yes, in rare cases, some individuals have reported experiencing mild stomach cramps, diarrhea, and other side effects due to taking anabolic steroids. These side effects generally resolve over time.

If you’re taking a prescription-strength anabolic steroid, you may want to talk to your doctor about possible side effects that you could experience if you take Dianabol without supervision. It’s very important to research the side effects of any supplement you are considering taking before you decide if it’s right for you.

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Dianabol Alternative

Dianabol Alternative D-Bal is a dietary supplement made from natural ingredients. It provides essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals to support your body’s metabolism.

Dianabol Cycle

Dianabol cycles are among the most ancient of all steroid cycles. This is because it is the second steroid to be created and is the only one that was designed for performance enhancement. Dianabol is one of our most powerful and effective steroids. A single Dianabol cycle could yield incredible results in a short time. One Dianabol cycle can produce 20 to 30 pounds in just a few weeks. As you might have guessed, many people supplement with Dbol for off-season gains. Dbol is best used when you are bulking. It is possible to ask questions about Dbol, such as when and how much, what dosages you should use, and what you should stack it with. We have good news: we’ll answer all of your questions right now. This is the place to go if you want to have a Dianabol-filled cycle that’s successful.

Kick Start

Dbol supplementation is most commonly used during bulking cycles. This is because the slower acting steroids in your body are building up, so the faster acting Dbol will provide gains as soon as they are gone. You are basically kick-starting the cycle. Once the other steroids kick-in, which can take time depending on the steroids used, you will already have made some great gains. You will see new gains, and your cycle will continue. The other steroids will only increase them. A proper diet and training will solidify your work. The Dianabol cycle is best defined by kickstarting, which is ideal for novices and performance-enhancing athletes.

Plateau Busting

Dbol veterans are often unaware of another important phase, which is kick starting. As with any supplementation with anabolic steroids we will eventually hit a brick wall. We will never make progress if we hit a wall. There are many options for making changes and many things you can do. However, adding Dianabol to your mid-cycle can make a huge difference. Dbol, with its powerful nature and ability to help you get past any sticking points will give your dying cycles life. However, you should not attempt this unless your cycles are extremely long. Only those with a lot more time in the saddle can do it. This is not recommended for novices or those who don’t know how to use anabolic steroids. You will need to know how your body reacts to this Dianabol cycle and other hormones.

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The Key Factor

The Key Factor

You need to be aware of the following key points when you use Dianabol. Dbol is an effective anabolic steroid. However, it’s not a magic bullet. Dianabol supplementation will not make you large. Although your strength will increase over time, the amount of food you eat will determine how big you become. If you don’t eat enough, you won’t be able to grow. You will grow more if you eat enough and take Dianabol. While this isn’t rocket science it is still a difficult concept to grasp. Also, it is important to remember that Dianabol does not require you to eat like you are a pig while on your cycle. Dbol will make you fat if you overeat and eat like there is no end in sight. The rules of nutrition don’t change because you are supplementing with anabolic steroid.

Cycles & Doses

The standard dose for men is 20mg-30mg daily. This will provide the most basic dosage of Dianabol. 50mg can be safely used as an advanced performance enhancer. But you’ll need to monitor your blood pressure to make sure safety. Some people take as high as 100mg per days. We don’t recommend this. This is dangerous because it opens the door to many adverse effects.

Important information about cycles

All cycles are just samples and are not recommended for anyone. We are only providing samples. This is just what some might do, but not something we recommend for safety.