Combination Course Of Dianabol , ,

Combination Course Of Dianabol

Dianabol or methandienone and sold under various other names is an androsterone-androgenic steroid drug that is popularly used for the enhancement of muscle mass and power during bodybuilding. It is often prescribed for younger men who want to increase their muscle mass by taking a short break from testosterone replacement therapy.

Dianabol promises significant increases in muscle size and strength within a short span of time. It is a strong anabolic and steroid for bodybuilding purposes. And like all steroids, there are serious side effects associated with long-term use.

Combination Course Of Dianabol

The major effect of Dianabol is an increase in lean muscle mass that is retained throughout the recovery phase. Muscle retention is the process wherein the muscle cells are sustained in anabolism or in a catabolic state, which leads to a reduction in the total protein content in the muscle and a subsequent increase in amino acid retention.

Dianabol had been originally introduced to the world by a famous South African champion weight lifter who was trying to find ways to increase his strength and size without much research or additional training. He had discovered the anabolic properties of Dianabol and decided to share his discovery with the world. Since then there have been many athletes using Dianabol to help them achieve their goals without much research.

Dianabol and Deca Durabolin Cycle

This was thought to be Arnold’s trademark cycle, producing huge mass gains; enabling him to dominant the Mr. Olympia stage. Since the 1970’s, countless bodybuilders have replicated this cycle, due to the Austrian Oak sculpting possibly the greatest physique in bodybuilding history.

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Dianabol is the perfect steroid to compliment Dianabol, being a relatively mild injectable that doesn’t pose any additional liver toxicity.

The addition of Deca Durabolin will increase strength and size gains even further, at the expense of lower testosterone levels post-cycle, additional water retention and increased risk of gynecomastia.

This cycle is one of the best for keeping your hair intact, with Dianabol and Deca producing only mild androgenic effects (thus DHT levels will not rise excessively).

Dianabol & Deca Cycle (For Intermediates)

This cycle is structured for someone who has taken steroids before, including Dianabol — and tolerates it well. The inclusion of Deca will not make side effects dramatically worse; however, a more aggressive PCT may be needed in order to restore sexual function and testosterone levels.

Prolactin Control

  • Dostinex — 0.5-1mg per week

‘Deca dick’ may be an issue during this cycle. This is referring to impotence that can occur in the early stages of a Deca cycle. This is due to Deca Durabolin significantly increasing prolactin — a protein hormone.

Unfortunately, high levels of prolactin in the bloodstream (hyperprolactinemia) can cause erectile dysfunction, low libido and gynecomastia.

To combat these adverse side effects in a Dbol and Deca cycle, users may want to supplement with Dostinex (Cabergoline), a dopamine agonist medication used in the treatment of hyperprolactinemia. A doctor may prescribe Dostinex to you if he sees that your prolactin levels are high; however, bodybuilders will typically buy this via the black market before their prolactin levels rise (and take it from the beginning of their Deca cycle).

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Doctors will typically prescribe Dostinex with dosage instructions of 2 x 0.25-0.5mg per week. This should be taken for the whole 10 weeks on Deca.

Estrogen Control

  • Nolvadex — 10-30mg/day

Liver Support

  • TUDCA – 500mg/day

Blood Pressure Control

  • Fish oil – 3g/day


  • hCG – 2000 IU administered every other day for 20 days
  • Clomid (Clomiphene) – 2 x 50mg for 30 days

A more aggressive PCT is adopted here, compared to the Dianabol-only cycle.

Dianabol and Testosterone Cycle

Dianabol and Testosterone are similar compounds, with Dr. Ziegler being given the task of developing a new, superior steroid to Testosterone; so the American Olympic team could defeat the USSR (who were known to be taking Testosterone).

Dianabol and Testosterone Cycle

Dr Ziegler created Dbol, a compound more anabolic than Testosterone — and less androgenic. Thus, prostate issues were less of a concern, as well as hair loss and acne on Dbol.

Dianabol also proved more potent for building muscle, due to its higher anabolic rating.

However, Testosterone remains as a very powerful muscle-builder, adding almost equal amounts of lean muscle and strength as Dianabol. Thus, when these two steroids are stacked together, users can expect to build incredible amounts of size.

The addition of Testosterone will exacerbate low testosterone levels post-cycle, whilst increasing the risk of gynecomastia and water retention.

Thus, estrogen control and an aggressive PCT is essential post cycle, to ensure an optimal hormonal profile.

Blood pressure is also likely to rise significantly on this cycle, due to a large spike in LDL cholesterol levels. To combat this it is a good idea to limit sodium in your diet, whilst performing regular cardio (for optimal blood flow). Also fish oil supplementation is recommended (as usual).

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Any ester of Testosterone can be used; however, the two most popular forms of Test are Cypionate and Enanthate. This is because these two esters are relatively cheap and do not require overly frequent injections.